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In the following we are going to explain the user interface of

1. content: 

In this frame you will find all contents of Through the Process map you can navigate through the content and find what you need. 

2. logo:

The logo can be individually customised by your company. Therefore you can check the insturction of change logo. Also with a click on the logo you can always get back to the process map. 

3. Search: 

When you are searching for a specific topic you also have the option to search for content. For that you can also check the instruction search content.

4. Notification, Tools and personal profile: 

Notification: If a colleague started a change proposal or you should submit a  read confirmation you will find the notificatiosn here. Next to that you also get a mail with the most important information what happened in your That can be adjust in the personal profile (more to that below) 

Tools: The tools are localised by area. There are three subdivisions: 

1. the tool button at the top right: for general tools that are only visible to key users 

2. the 3-dot menu on the left-hand sidebar: There are the tools for all users, to which everyone has access.

3. gear wheel in the left sidebar: another special function for key users to make settings for the respective app

For more specific information please check the instruction Tools

Personal Profile:

  • My page: Favourites, tasks and pages waiting for approval are displayed
  • My profile:
    • Personal information: Name, e-mail address, login name or the password can be changed
    • Roles: Access to personal role overview (details on the role feature in the
    • Notifications: Configuration of notification frequency (email summary daily or immediately selectable) 
  • HelpCenter: if questions arise while working with, the HelpCenter can be called up quickly
  • Release Notes: here you can go directly to our Product Portal. Both the current and the old release notes can be called up here to familiarise yourself with the relevant changes in You can also submit ideas/suggestions for improvement directly to our product management.
  • Log out

5. Edit, Create Child page, set favourite 


6. References, History, Manage: 


History: past changes can be viewed here, or statuses can be compared with each other 


  • page preferences 
  • move page
  • change context 
  • delete page
  • print page
  • edit wiki text 

7. Welcome Message

You can use the broadcast message to leave a welcome message and provide information about the current structure of For that check: Show broadcast message on Start page

8. movable navigation bar 

The navigation bar can now be detached at the top. This allows the navigation list to collapse and expand dynamically and generates even more space for the valuable content in the management system

9. Navigation bar 

Here is a list of all activated apps. Processes, standard assignments and the glossary are activated by default in and can be used. If further apps or knowledge areas have been added, these are also displayed (e.g. audits, risks, news, etc.). The glossary, roles, user profiles and standards assignment applications have now been neatly integrated into the overarching apps and are no longer displayed separately. 

10. Help while using 

If you have any questions about using, you have two options for getting help. 

  • Q.wikinger: Q.wikinger provides interactive training via and can be used to train employees. Important information (such as new releases) is also announced via the Q.wikinger. Individual tours can be found using the search function. 
  • Help Centre: The help button provides answers to questions about the You can either search for Help Centre articles or send a request to the support team.



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