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Modified on Mon, 19 Feb 2024 at 02:58 PM

Option 1: Process landscape / start page

Click on the desired topic area of the process landscape

The process map gives an overview of all processes in a company

  • Top: Management processes
  • Middle: Value-adding processes
  • Bottom: Supporting processes

Click on further sub-pages / links until the desired page is displayed.

Option 2: Search function

Enter the search term and confirm with Enter. 

Tip: Enter only the first letters of the word you are looking for. Suggestions for hits available in the will be displayed.

The results can be narrowed down using three filters:

  • by content type - i.e. wiki pages, attachment & file pages, app item and tasks.
  • by content status/ states - suggested changes are automatically filtered out, but can be manually included in the search.
  • by apps - now found in the left filter bar; now searches all integrated apps of a location, but can be manually extended to further locations or limited to individual apps

Using the number of search results function, you can see how many results you have received for your search. This makes it easier to decide whether the filter you have set is useful or not. You can also use the icon to quickly see what type of content it is and the breadcrumb trail to see where the search result is located. 

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