In the shared state, pages can be read but not edited. For editing, a new page is created on the basis of the shared state via the Start discussion tab.

  • If there is already a current discussion, the Start tab is missing.
  • The discussion can only be edited if it has not yet been requested to be released.
  • Starting a second discussion is not possible.
  • A new discussion can be started as soon as the current one has been released or rejected.

Click on Edit in the header 

  • the page opens in the editable mode (editor) 

Make changes in the editor 

  • Write directly into the table, insert images and links etc.
  • Use   to save changes temporarily without leaving the edit mode.
  • Save and close the edit mode by clicking the Save button at the top left of the editor or by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page 

Ask the person responsible for the page for approval 

  • Select Request approval in the document control and click Change status.
  • Only when all approvals have been made, the approved status will be replaced with the discussion.
  • Select Discard discussion and click Change status if the discussion is to be removed.
  • For more information on the release process, see the instructions in