Insert and edit a flowchart (until 6.9)

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Create flowchart

  1. Switch to the editor to edit a page
  2. Place the cursor at the desired place for the flowchart
  3. Create flowchart button 

Copy flowchart

  1. Edit the page of the flowchart you want to copy.
  2. Right click on the flowchart.
  3. Select Copy.
  4. Open the target page of the copy.
  5. Start editing the page.
  6. Use the Ctrl+v key combination to paste the flowchart in the desired place.

Edit flowchart

Double-click on the diagram to open the flowchart editor

Edit swim lanes

The individual columns are the swim lanes. One swimming lane is created per organizational role.

  • Add swim lane: select on swim lane icon (topmost) in the left sidebar.
  • Remove a swimming lane:
    • Select swimming lane and press Remove button.
    • Right click on swimming lane, select Delete in context menu.
  • Rename swim lane: Select swimming lane and type in new title
  • Swap the order of the swimming lanes: Move the swimming lane to the desired position using Drag&Drop.
  • Resize the swimming lane: Select the swimming lane, change the size by dragging and dropping the blue points that appear.

Edit flowchart symbols 

  • Insert flowchart symbol: drag and drop from the sidebar into the diagram.
  • Change flowchart symbol: drag and drop the desired symbol onto an existing symbol.
  • Delete flowchart symbol:
    • Select symbol and press Remove button.
    • Right click on symbol, select Delete in context menu.
  • Name/rename flowchart symbol: Select symbol and type new name.
    • Note: No automatic line break is inserted for long words - use hyphen for manual line break.
  • Move flowchart symbol: drag and drop symbol to desired position.
  • Copy or duplicate flowchart symbol: Right click on symbol and select Copy or Duplicate.

Link page in flowchart symbol

  1. Right click on flowchart symbol, then select URL.
    • Alternatively: select symbol and select Link... in the editor.
  2. Select existing page in in the appearing dialog with autocomplete.
    • As soon as two letters have been entered, the dialog provides suitable suggestions.
  3. Click Apply
  4. The link is now set and the text in the flowchart icon is underlined.

Link flowchart symbols with arrows

  • Set arrows:
    • Hold the mouse over a flowchart symbol and select one of the blue docking points with a left click, hold down, drag to the desired docking point of the symbol to be linked and release.
  • Label arrows:
    • Click on arrow and type in desired text.
  • Delete arrow:
    • Click arrow and press Remove key.
    • Alternatively: right-click on arrow and select Delete.

Flowchart editor functions (from left to right)

  • Save and close
  • Save temporarily
  • Close (without saving)
  • Undo and Redo
  • Zoom
  • Link flowchart symbol
  • Show/hide grid
  • Show/hide leading lines 

FAQ's about flowcharts

Is there a way to create flowcharts from written process descriptions?

  • It is not possible to automatically create flowcharts.

Can flowcharts be copied?

  • For now, flowcharts cannot be copied.

Is there an option to show flowcharts when opening pages?

  • This setting can be changed in the app settings menu:

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