The software goes through several stages of testing:

  • During the development process, automated end-to-end tests are run.
  • The system is tested manually for several weeks under real conditions.
  • Before the release, for an on-premise installation or an on-premise update, the system is first delivered on over 500 cloud systems.

The final validation takes place individually for each customer. This follows from the customer-specific framework conditions, such as company-specific AD connection, configured metadata, document header and release workflow, under which testing must take place.

Most standards require from a system validation that the system executes its (main) processes as required. For this purpose, it has proven useful to first define and list what the (main) processes of a management system based on should be in order to verify them after an update.

Typically, these are:

  • Logging in and logging out of a user
  • Creating and deleting a page
  • Using the search function
  • Sending an email upon read confirmation
  • Functionality of the release workflow incl. sending mails
  • Updating an attachment
  • Comment function on a page
  • Starting a discussion and editing a page
  • Norm assignment of a page

These processes should be performed manually and documented.

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