Insert image

  • In the edit mode of a page, a click on the Upload image button opens the Windows dialog for file selection.
  • Alternatively, an image, e.g. a screenshot, can be pasted from the clipboard (Ctrl+v or Shift+Paste).

The pasted image will be displayed with a width of up to 600 pixels.

Image functions

In the lower right corner of the image, it can be resized with a fixed aspect ratio.


A left click on the image offers the functions:

  • Edit image properties: the width can be adjusted pixel-exactly
  • Insert / edit image map: see Create Image Map
  • Replace image: replace the image

Images that are uploaded as attachments to a page and are therefore not embedded in the page are managed in the Attachments overview under the tools in the left navigation bar and at the bottom of the page in the Attachments.

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