Creating and editing flowcharts (from 6.10)

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Create flowchart

  1. Switch to the editor to edit a page.
  2. Button "Create new flowchart".

Edit an existing flowchart

  1. Switch to the editor to edit a page.
  2. The flow chart can be edited directly

Edit swim lanes

  • Add swim lane: Click on any swim lane and use the button to add a new swim lane above or below (1)
  • Remove swimming lane: Select a swimming lane and remove it by clicking the ‘Delete’ button. (2)
  • Change the size of the swimming lane: Select the swimming lane and change the size using drag & drop on the blue dots that appear (3)

  • The individual lines are the swimming lanes. One swimming lane is created for each organisational role. To enter or change a role, double-click on the desired swimming lane to open the role selection. You can use roles from the integrated role application or enter them manually.

Inserting and editing flow chart symbols

  • Insert flow chart symbol: 
    • Insert into diagram via drag & drop from the sidebar (1)
    • Click on an existing symbol, click on the blue ‘plus sign’ and add via the mini editor (2)

  • Change flowchart symbol: Click on the desired symbol and select ‘Replace’ in the Mini Editor
    • Only certain permitted combinations are displayed when replacing

  • Delete flowchart symbol: Click on the symbol and select ‘Delete’ in the Mini Editor
  • Name/rename flowchart symbol: Double-click on the symbol and type in a new name.
    • Note: No automatic line break is inserted for long words - use hyphen for manual line break.
  • Copy flowchart symbol: Click on the symbol and copy with Ctrl+C and paste in the desired position with Ctrl+V
  • Move flowchart symbol(s):
    1. Select individual symbols and drag and drop to the desired location
    2. Activate the lasso tool, select the desired symbols and drag and drop them to the desired position

Linking flowchart symbols

  • Click on the desired symbol and select the Link button
  • Pages from the or external content can be linked

Link flowchart symbols with arrows

  • Set arrows:
    • Activate the link tool in the left editor (1) or click on the symbol and activate the link tool in the mini editor (2)
    • Connect the desired docking points
  • Label arrows:
    • Double-click on the arrow and type in the desired text.
  • Delete arrow:
    • Click on arrow and click ‘Delete’ button.

Help functions for working with flowcharts

  1. Undo or redo steps
  2. Centre
  3. Zoom
  4. Activate/deactivate full screen mode
  5. Other functions
    • Export options
    • Delete the entire flow chart

Copy flowchart

  • Export the diagram as a BPMN file and then import it on the desired page

FAQs about the flowcharts

Can I automatically create a flowchart from the table?

  • It is not yet possible to automatically create flowcharts from the tabular representation.

Is it possible to set flowcharts to already be opened when pages are called up?

  • This setting can be made in the app settings of a process area:

Also note: Tips and tricks for converting old flowcharts into new BPMN flowcharts

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