Insert locally saved file into the page

  1. start new discussion or switch to the discussion state of the page
  2. click edit

  3. select text to be linked to the file

  4. click on the icon for attach file 

  5. click on select file

    • all common file formats can be attached

    • search for the file on the local hard disk and confirm

  6. adjust the file name in

    • give the file a descriptive name so that it can be found quickly with the search function

  7. Do NOT include version names, date of last edit etc. in the file name. DO NOT include them in the file name, files are automatically versioned in

  8. confirm with OK 

  9. Save page

Link a file that has already been uploaded to

See Insert links

Attach a file to the page without linking it

  1. Start a new discussion or switch to the discussion state of the page 
  2. Click the three-dot menu at the top right and Attach
  3. Click on Select File (or Browse ), select file and click on Upload File.    The file will be attached to the page without being linked on the page itself.

Overview of attachments on a page

Attached files can be found at the bottom of the page in the Attachments box.

  • If necessary, expand the box by clicking on the > symbol.

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