Use, create and modify metadata

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Use of metadata

Metadata is additional information for the associated page and is maintained independently of the content. Common metadata includes the document type, the topic title, and the person responsible for a page. 

The metadata can be found at the bottom of the page in read and edit mode. 

Metadata is systematically maintained by the user, for example via mandatory fields, and can also be systematically queried and searched. Metadata can be used to filter search results or to supplement the document header.

Structure of metadata 

In order to be able to map customer-specific categorizations or information, it is possible to add metadata or modify existing metadata in the entries.

For the configuration of a metadata, three elements have to be defined: 

  • Type
  • Properties 
  • Entries if necessary

Possible metadata field types:

  • Text - free text
  • User - input of exactly ONE user from with autocompletion
  • Multiple users - input of one or more users from with autocompletion
  • Select from list - Select a value from a defined list (specify desired selection options)
  • Multiple selection from list - selection of one or more values from a defined list (specify desired choices)
  • Multiple selection plus tagging - selection of one or more values from already existing keywords. If a desired keyword does not exist yet, the user can create it. 

Supplementing a metadata

Support can be contacted to supplement a metadata. By specifying the type, the property and, if necessary, the entries, the metadata will be created.

The use of the terminology used in this article facilitates the communication with the support.

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