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Appointments and preparations

In order to bring the latest innovations of Q.wiki to the users, it is recommended to perform one update of the application per quarter. The cost of an update is charged by the minute. An update is conveniently arranged via the online form.


The appointment will be confirmed by e-mail. This e-mail will contain information about the schedule of the appointment and the preparations to be made. The preparations include:

  • Creating a backup of the server, e.g. via snapshot, in case of complications.
  • If there is no VPN access, provide remote access to the customer network, preferably via TeamViewer.
    • Access through a browser to Q.wiki. 
    • SSH (putty) access to the application server where Q.wiki is installed. 
  • The application server must have access to the following sites:
    • rms.modac.eu
    • github.com
    • pypi.python.org
    • ppa.launchpad.net
    • nexus.modac.cloud
    • keyserver.ubuntu.com
    • deb.debian.org
    • security.debian.org
    • archive.debian.org
    • apt.postgresql.org
    • ftp.gwgd.de

Procedure on the day of the update

On the day of the update, Modell Aachen will contact the contact specified in the online form at the beginning of the appointment to finalize the update process.

During the update, both the application Q.wiki and the server will be updated to the latest version. During this time, Q.wiki can be used in read-only mode. In rare cases, there may be brief interruptions in the availability of Q.wiki. A corresponding information banner for display to employees will be set up in Q.wiki at the beginning of the update. Upon completion of the update, this banner will be removed. 

At the completion of the update, the contact person will be informed and the updated system will be handed over.

Reporting update consequences

If unusual or incorrect behavior of Q.wiki is noticed after an update, this can be reported to the service preferably by e-mail (service@modell-aachen.de) or by phone (+49 241 997531 60). 

To avoid unnecessary efforts, the release notes of the version jump completed with the update should be viewed beforehand.

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