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A form item is the visual and logical unit for grouping data fields in the form. Data fields can be simple or multi-line text fields - e.g. for an article number or a description - as well as selection fields for users and pages in

When creating a new form item, you can choose between three different layouts of the data fields. The layouts differ in the number of columns. 

  • Single-column layouts have more space per field and are therefore suitable for more extensive entries and data. 
  • Multi-column layouts allow for division within the block and are well suited for clearly displaying several shorter inputs.
    • Note: Even though the alignment of the data fields in the configuration screen suggests that the data fields are also next to each other at the same height in the finished app, the alignment, due to unequal content, can vary.

For each column in the form item, the Add Field button adds another data field to the column. A sidebar for configuring the details opens. The maintenance and options of the different field types are described in detail in the article Field types of data fields.

When an existing data field is selected, the sidebar for configuration adjustment or deletion of the data field is opened. However, the field type cannot be changed afterwards, because a conversion of the data is often not possible.

Data fields can be changed afterwards by drag&drop 

  • in the order within a column,
  • into another column or 
  • into another form item. 
    • To do this, the data field is dragged over the title bar of the form item into which it is to be inserted and dropped there. The final positioning is then done after expanding the form item.

The layout of a form item cannot be changed afterwards. If this should nevertheless be necessary, another form item can be created with the desired layout and then the data fields can be moved as described above.

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