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Note: The employee review app presented in this article has been created based on the default app template of the app generator. The apps created with the app generator can be customized to meet individual requirements. This guide describes the basic functions of the default app template.

Aim of the app

The app for employee appraisals, or MA app for short, is intended to support regular employee appraisals, to record them and to keep a record of the to-do's that have arisen.


The following statuses are processed in the app:

  • Pending calls
  • To be confirmed
  • In follow-up
  • Archived
  • Deleted

Pending calls represents the initial status. All upcoming conversations are listed here, which may need to be prepared by employees and supervisors. To support this step, the manager can remind the employees to prepare for the conversation via document control. As a result, the person concerned is informed by e-mail about the upcoming conversation.

The follow-up status is to be confirmed after the conversation has been conducted. Now, both employees and managers can ask for further revision if, for example, something was logged incorrectly. If the confirmation does not happen promptly, the manager can remind the employee. If the employee confirms the conversation, it moves one status further into follow-up.

In Follow-up, the manager can follow up the conversation in peace and then archive the conversation.

Archived is the status in which all completely processed conversations end up. If something comes up late, a conversation can also be moved to follow-up again. By default, after archiving an employee conversation, the manager should create a new conversation, which in turn is listed under Pending Conversations and can be used for the next conversation. If an employee leaves the company, archived minutes can be deleted.

App element

A created employee conversation is divided into four blocks:

  • Framework data of the conversation
  • Iinterview protocoll
  • Attachments
  • To-do's from the appraisal interview

In the framework data all important information, like participants of the discussion, the date, the last employee discussion and last but not least, the process description of the employee discussion are recorded.

In the interview protocol, important points can be introduced as a guideline. A good procedure for this is to record a generally valid guideline in a process description and to supplement this in turn in the preparation of the interview.

Important documents can be attached to the discussion under Attachments.

Important tasks, goals and information are recorded in to-do's. With this function, all tasks and their progress can be viewed transparently by all participants.

Rights management

The rights management of the application is very simple and can be customized if necessary. In the standard configuration, only employees and managers have the possibility to view your conversation. Therefore, the user only ever sees conversations in which he or she is involved. 

In addition, it is possible to grant viewing rights to other persons, such as the HR department. 

For this purpose, a role is created in the configuration of the application and the corresponding users are added. This role must be added in the Overview tab under rights in Access restriction.

Necessary adjustments

No mandatory customizations are required in the Employee Discussions app, and it is ready to use out of the box. 

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