App Generator: Basic function of the visitor app

Modified on Fri, 11 Aug, 2023 at 10:00 AM

Note: The visitor app presented in this article has been created based on the default app template of the app generator. The apps created with the app generator can be customized to meet individual requirements. This guide describes the basic functions of the default app template.

Aim of the app

The application is used to professionally manage on-site visits to your own company location. Visits can be recorded, evaluated and controlled decentrally. The application can also be used to create and issue visitor badges.


Planning and recording visits to company sites is important for security and insurance reasons. For this purpose, it is advisable to introduce systematic visitor management in the company.

Company visits can take place in any department of the company - sales, purchasing, management, etc.. 

In order to document an upcoming visit, each employee can enter a New Visit and store the necessary framework data. Once the visit has been recorded, the visit request is submitted to the administration department, which, after checking the data, initiates the process of creating and issuing a visitor badge. After the visit, it can be ensured that the visitor badge is taken back. In this way, a complete documentation of visits is possible.

App element

A single visit is divided into 4 blocks in the visitor app:

  • Record visit
  • Create visitor badge
  • Issue visitor badge
  • Take back visitor badge

When entering the visit, data such as name, company and contact information are requested and the framework data of the visit such as contact person, period and occasion are recorded. In addition, it is possible to enter further relevant information about the visit in a free text field. The framework data of the visit is always visible.

Once the visit has been submitted, the task management becomes visible to the administration, as the visibility restriction of the content block prevents it from being displayed in previous process steps for other role owners. Task management can be used to record process steps such as creating and printing a visitor badge, handing it over to the gatekeeper, notifying the associated employee and collecting the visitor badge after the visit.

Rights management

The Roles tab of the configuration defines which users or groups are assigned to the Administration role, for example. These role holders, in addition to the Admin Group, are authorized to view and edit all elements of the Visitor App. Additionally, the Administration can also view and edit all statuses of the visits. Furthermore, the administration controls all submitted visits.

Possible customizations

In the visitor app, no mandatory customizations are required to the application, and it is ready to use.

Before using the app, it should be carefully checked for one's own company what data is needed to fully record a visit and what criteria should be used to record a visit. The steps for issuing the visitor badge can be customized.

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