In, attention to structure is an important success factor for a valuable, interactive management system.

To create a new child page, it is useful to identify the parent page and open it. With Create child page a new page is created below the current one.

Alternatively, a placeholder link to a new page can be inserted in the edit mode of the parent page with New content and linked afterwards. As soon as the change of the parent page is saved, the placeholder link can be clicked and the new child page can be created.

The dialog for creating a new page, which prompts you to enter a title and select a template, opens.

After saving, the new child page appears, on which the framework data / metadata must be completed in the lower area. Mandatory fields, such as Responsible, are marked with red asterisks.

Once the editing of the page is completed, it is set to draft status by clicking Save in the top right-hand corner.

The document approval workflow is explained in the document approval workflow guide.