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Modified on Fri, 14 Oct 2022 at 01:59 PM

In, maintaining the structure is an important success factor for a successful, interactive management system.

To create a new subordinate page, the corresponding parent page should be called first. With Create child page the new page is placed below the current one.

The dialog window opens, in which a suitable title for the new page is selected. Here, a distinction is made between the Wiki page option for content written in and the File page option for files managed in

If a wiki page is to be created, one of the content templates must be selected. By clicking on Create page, the new page is created based on the template and under the responsibility of the logged-in user.

For a file page, the desired file can be added via drag&drop into the field or the corresponding file can be uploaded by clicking on the field via the file browser. By clicking on Create page the file page is created.

As an alternative to the child page, a placeholder link can be inserted in edit mode with the link type New content. This link can later be used in view mode to create the new wiki page, and the new page is thus linked directly in the correct context.

Once editing of the page is complete, it is created in draft status by clicking Save in the top right corner.

The document approval workflow is explained in the document approval workflow guide.

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