Important: In order to update Office files via the WebDAV protocol, some settings in the Windows Group Policy must be adjusted by the IT department. The explanation can be found in the lower part of this guide.

Table of contents

Update Office file

  • Switch to the discussion state of the page.
  • The Attachments block is located at the bottom of the page.
  • Left click on the file you want to update.
  • Select Edit file.
    • If the selection is not possible, either the right to edit the page does not exist or the security settings for WebDAV (see below) are not set.
  • The following dialog confirms that the file is to be edited and opens with the appropriate Office program.
  • The file can now be edited and the changes saved. This updates the file in the and creates a new version status.
  • After the discussion state has been released, the updated attachment is transferred to the released state.

Enable WebDAV (configure security settings)

For WebDAV, i.e. for editing Office documents directly from, two basic requirements must be met outside of 

  • The Office version used must be 2010 or newer.
  • must be known as a secure website on the local computer. The latter can be configured in two ways:
    • Central configuration of the Windows setting of all computers via IT: rollout/change of group policy.
    • Local configuration of the Windows setting of one computer: addition of to the "local intranet" security zone.

Both variants are presented below, while the first variant can be performed only by the central IT.

Rolling out/changing the group policy

  1. Open the editor for group policies.
  2. Then via Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Internet Control Panel > Security Page to List of Site to Zone Assignments.
  3. Activate zone assignment and add it for the 
  4. The individual address of the must be entered. Enter 1 as the value. 
  5. Confirm changes. 

Adding to the "local intranet" security zone

  1. Open Internet options, e.g. by entering "Internet options" in the search.
  2. Switch to the Security tab and check if the warning message Some settings are managed by the system administrator is displayed at the bottom. 
    • If this warning is displayed, it is a sign that the Internet options are managed by a group policy of the central IT. In this case, internal IT must adjust the group policy (see above).
    • If you do not see the warning, Local Intranet is selected and then Sites.
  3. Deselect Automatically detect intranet and select Advanced.
  4. Then the URL must be added to the Local intranet zone in the form 
  5. Confirm changes.

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