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Adapting the release process is a deep intervention in the management system and should therefore be done with care. The standardized release process of is based on the experience of hundreds of projects and has proven itself many times over: The two-stage release enables quick changes while simultaneously controlling the content. This fulfills both the standard requirements and the requirements of an agile management system.

It is recommended to choose between the following release processes:

  • no release workflow
  • one-stage release workflow
  • two-stage release workflow

Experience has shown that the addition of a release stage leads to a significant delay in release, up to and including complete paralysis of the management system. An adaptation beyond the above recommendations is possible in cooperation with the consultancy. The content-related as well as technical complexity of such an adaptation makes a short project necessary. In order to adapt the release process, an appointment can be booked here.

Pros and cons of more than two release stages

Each department / division is sure that the released status meets the division-specific requirements.Content pages are in the release stage for much longer and are therefore blocked for editing by other users.
  • Employees begin to work in proposed change and avoid starting the release process.
  • This allows rapid changes to continue to be introduced at the time of discovery.
The best possible level of conformance to specific requirements is ensured.If the 5th release stage rejects the changes, all stages have to be gone through again - starting from the 1st stage -> Even longer and more complex procedure.

The possibility of read confirmation covers the case that people are informed about changes and thus have the possibility to object.

  • Note: Previous state can be restored from history

The goal is to have users who are motivated to work in the system and bring their experience from everyday work into the system.

  • Bad experiences arise due to the lengthy release process.
  • "Golden motivational bullet" shot.

Possible adjustments

The following adjustments can be made to the release process:

  • Add more release stages.
  • Add more transitions between release stages.
  • Send more or less notifications to users.
  • Adjust editing rights during the approval process.
  • Add warnings or hints when triggering a transition.

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