The read receipt of a page can be configured by the individual responsible person of a page, the members of the KeyUserGroup and the members of the QMGroup. To do so, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the discussion mode of the specific page you want to configure the read receipt for
  2. Scroll down to the end of the page, till you reach the Document control section.
  3. Click the button Configure read receipt
  4. Activate the read receipt for the page and choose the persons you want to reach. You can choose user separately or instead use a group defined in Q.wikis group management.
  5. Save changes. With the next approval and every following approval of the page, the choosen users will get an email notification to confirm the new version of the page. 
  6. If you get an email for the confirmation of a new version of a page, follow the link in the mail. You will be transferred to the specific page in your
  7. Read the new version of the page carefully and use the Direct comparison button to easily see the changes made between the last and the current version.
  8. Check the box and confirm the read receipt.

All the given read receipts will be stored by For the current version, you can see them directly in the menu for the read receipt using the link Show list.

For older versions, you can use the History of a page to check, which users have given the read receipt for which version.