Important: Key user rights are required to perform the following steps.

The Usage Report is located under the Key user tools in the left navigation bar and displays statistics of since the release in June 2022. 

Basic statistical data is collected that can be used to evaluate the liveness of the system:

  • Number of read and write events
  • Interaction (number of different users with write accesses)
  • Top 10 editors
  • Approved changes

This data can be displayed for the whole or the individual sections.

The old statistics are finalized and stored in These can be accessed for the individual webs via the URL [web]/WebStatistics, e.g. Systems

By storing a Google Analytics identifier in, the features of Google Analytics can be used in Evaluations, e.g. on the use of the system, are thus possible.

Support will assist you in setting up the identifier after it has been created by the customer.

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