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Modified on Tue, 12 Mar 2024 at 03:15 PM

General information

The AI process proposal enables process descriptions to be generated. When creating a new page in, the user can decide whether the new page should be created in the classic way by selecting a template or whether the AI process proposal should be used. Input for the AI process proposal is the process title and other detailed information entered by the user. The AI uses this information to create a process description in the familiar process table, which can then be customised and improved by the user. Please note that the generated process is a suggestion that does not claim to be correct, but should serve as a starting point for further processing.


1. When creating a new page, use the "Create subordinate page" button to switch the tab from "Manual" to "AI       process proposal".

2. Actively formulate the title of the process description and enter all known additional information that can be given to the AI in the "Short process description" field. Tips for prompts with which the AI can work well and which lead to a good result can be found in the instructions "Writing good prompts for the AI process description". With the completed description, the page can be created using the "Create page" button. Generating the process proposal can take 1-2 minutes. Please do not close the bridging window and only create one process proposal per user at a time.   

3. The result is displayed directly in edit mode and can be changed by the user. It is important that the responsible and participating roles are entered for all process steps. 

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