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Each of the configured tabs contains a table whose content is freely configurable and thus allows access to the individually most important data of the application as well as navigation to the detailed view of an element. The same table representation is used in each configured tab. The contents differ only on the basis of the filters in the tab.

The columns of a table are displayed as blocks. For configuration, these blocks are expanded and collapsed, or their order is changed via drag&drop. The order in the configuration determines the display in the table on the overview page, where the first block corresponds to the first column in the table. The +Add column button adds a new block to the end of the list and opens it automatically. An opened block can be removed with Delete column

If an empty configuration is selected, the Title block is displayed, which can be adjusted or deleted. This block is configured by default so that a click redirects to the detail content of the element. At least one block must be configured. It is recommended to display only the most necessary information in the table and to use the detail view of the element for the further information.

For the configuration of the columns the following information is necessary:

  • Field that should be displayed in the column. 
  • Text for the column heading.
    • When selecting the field, the heading is automatically pre-populated with the field name and can be customized if necessary.
  • Selection whether to link to detail view.
    • This option should be set in at least one block to get to the detail view of the elements.
    • Can be selected for the data types Text, Selection from list and the default option Title.

In addition to the individual fields, there are predefined parameters that can be selected as a column in the configuration. These are:

  • Date of last editing
  • Creator
  • Creation date
  • Last editor
  • Title
  • Workflow status

General default settings are made above the blocks:

  • Default field for sorting
    • Should be a field that is listed in the table to keep the sort traceable.
  • Default sort direction
  • Number of elements per page

Users can customize these defaults for themselves in the application.

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