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If a configuration is started on the basis of an empty configuration, the form is empty. The form and thus the layout of a detail page within the workflow or application is composed of form items.

When creating a form item, you will be asked for the type:

  • Form fields (1 column): Arrangement of form fields in a single-column layout. Suitable for larger data fields.
  • Form fields (2 column): Arrangement of form fields in a two column display.
  • Form fields (3 column): Arrangement of form fields in a three column display. Suitable for shorter inputs.
  • Large text input: Corresponds to the editor from the process area. This content block can only be used once.
  • Task management: Integrates a task management similar to the protocol application. This block can be used multiple times to group tasks thematically or chronologically.
  • Attachments: Allows uploading of attachments. This block can be used multiple times to group attachments thematically.
  • Links with processes and apps: Allows selecting pages from the process area via autocompletion. The selected processes are displayed as a link in the form after saving. In the process area, in turn, the content from the application is displayed below the actual page content in the Linked content from apps block. The display follows the table layout of the start page of the respective application.

Further help articles describe the types of sections and their configuration in detail.

By clicking on the title bar of a form item, it can be expanded or collapsed. For better clarity, only one form item is opened at a time. Form items can also be dragged and dropped onto the title bar. The order of the form items in the configuration corresponds to the later order of the form in the finished application.

If the mouse pointer is moved over a form item, the three dot menu appears in the status bar. In this menu, there is a choice between Delete section and Configure access rights and visibilities.

When a form item is deleted, the linked data (fields, tasks or attachments) are also deleted. For this purpose, a warning message must be confirmed beforehand.

The form item contains a configurable heading and a text field to display additional information/explanations about the form item in the finished form.

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