App Generator: Basic function of the minutes app

Modified on Thu, 22 Feb 2024 at 10:08 AM

Note: The protocol app presented in this article is created based on the default app template of the app generator. The apps created with the app generator can be customized to meet individual requirements. This guide describes the basic functions of the default app template. The following is a link to an informational video: Efficient meetings with intelligent minutes management

Aim of the app

The goal of the protocol app is to organize, record, and track a meeting.


To prepare the meeting, a central agenda is set up, which can be viewed and interactively added to by all participants.

During a meeting, decisions are logged in a continuous list, work orders are defined and delegated, so that no follow-up is necessary.

For follow-up, the app provides a good overview of completed and open tasks and actions.

Contents of past meetings can be viewed at any time. Thus, no information is lost.

App element

When creating a meeting, its framework data is queried. This includes e.g.: 

  • Name of the meeting 
  • Information about time and place 
  • Group of participants 
  • Typical procedure and short description of the content 

Next, the agenda can be created with meeting items and tasks. This is done as follows: 

  • Select Add entry. The respective author's name will be entered. 
  • Specify whether the meeting item is information, a task or a resolution
  • Assign the meeting item 
    • Assign to individual persons
    • Define a target date
    • Enter persons to be informed
    • Set prioritization
  • Attach relevant documents to this meeting item 

When the saved meeting item is saved, participants can comment on it. Every change to the meeting item is automatically logged.

After a meeting item is completed, it is closed by checking it off. 

If the app is used for recurring meetings, users can add, edit or check off meeting items. The existing minutes are always maintained. If tasks remain unfinished, they remain in the minutes and can be discussed again. It is also possible to move tasks to any other minute within the minutes app. So if you have discussed an important point in the team meeting that is also relevant for the management team, simply move it over. You can find this function under the "Move entry to" field.  

A meeting is deleted or archived via the status change in the document control, analogous to the process area.

Rights management

The protocol app is designed for maximum transparency and allows every user to view and edit all minutes as well as meeting content. The access permissions can be set individually for each meeting by the provided rights management. This setting is done by selecting the Protected Minutes button in the document header. Only participants can access protected meetings.

Possible customizations

No mandatory customizations are required in the Minutes app. Additional information is added via the app configuration with further fields. 

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