App Generator: Activate and view app metrics

Modified on Fri, 11 Aug, 2023 at 3:56 PM

Available app metrics

Apps created with the App Generator have three metrics that can be viewed after activation:

  • Number of open app elements: Absolute number of open app elements per week. An app element is defined as open if it is not in the defined end status or the deleted status - marked red in the configurator. The end status can be defined in the configuration under the Workflow tab.
  • Number of transitions: Absolute number of transitions per month.

  • Average transit time: Average duration between the first and last transition of an app element per month. Only app elements that are in the defined final state are considered for the calculation. Here, the process instances are assigned to the month of the last transition. The end status can be defined in the configuration under the Workflow tab.

Activate/deactivate app metrics

In the configuration of an app, the option for recording app metrics is activated under Overview > Basic.

The data on which the display is based is recorded from the time of activation. It is not possible to view the metrics retroactively.

Define ending states

For app metrics Average cycle time, it is mandatory that one or more end statuses are defined in the Workflow tab.

Open app metrics
The app metrics can be opened via the three-point menu in the view of an app.

Display app metrics

In the display of the app metrics, the corresponding metric is selected via the drop-down field Shown app metric.

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