Important: Key user rights are required to perform the following steps. 

Extensions and adjustments regarding the selection of the area of application can be made independently as a key user. The following instructions are based on our process area:

  1. Use the URL bar of the browser to get to DocumentForm of the process web: (e.g.) 
  2. The scope is mapped via the AreaOfApplication metafield and can be customized via the Action column
  3. The syntax follows the following pattern:
    • "value to be displayed=SavedValue" (separated by a comma, in case of multiple entries).
    • Example: "%MAKETEXT{"corporation-wide"}%=corporation-wide, ..."; The macro MAKETEXT searches for a translation for the term from a defined translation table and outputs it. If no translation exists, the term itself is output.


  • Special characters are not allowed in SavedValue
  • Different areas of application are separated by a comma
  • If already existing areas of application are changed or deleted, the effects will show up the next time the pages are edited.

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