Copy page

  1. In edit mode of the page to be copied, the Twisty (v icon on the right margin) in the editor displays the extended toolbar.
  2. The Source function displays the code of the page. 
  3. The code can now be marked and copied (e.g. Ctrl+a, Ctrl+c).
  4. The copied content will be pasted into the newly created page in the editor in edit mode.
    • Note: If the source page contains a flowchart, it must be removed. To do this, search for %FLOWCHART and remove the code between the two % characters.

Move page or change technical address (URL)

In the three-point menu of the released state, under Manage page, the technical address (URL) of the page can be adjusted or the page can be deleted.

In the dialog for changing the address, the new area is selected and, if necessary, a new technical page name is specified:

Update Links: Links to the page to be moved will be moved.

  • If the page is also linked in other areas (e.g. in the protocol app), remove the checkmark from Only update linked topics in the Processes web, then the links will be updated in all areas.

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