App Generator: Basic function of the measuringequipment app

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Note: The risk app presented in this article has been created based on the default app template of the app generator. The apps created with the app generator can be customized to meet individual requirements. This guide describes the basic functions of the standard app template.

Aim of the app

The measuring equipment app is used to document and manage measuring equipment in the company. This enables a transparent overview of the existing measuring equipment in the company. The app can be used to track which measuring equipment has been tested and is ready for use (active measuring equipment) or which measuring equipment may not be used (in maintenance or non-compliant).


The measuring equipment app is used to manage measuring equipment of all types. Measuring devices can have different statuses:

  • New measuring equipment
  • Active measuring equipment 
  • Non-compliant measuring equipment 
  • Measuring equipment in maintenance
  • Measuring equipment in calibration
  • Locked measuring equipment

Measuring equipment templates facilitate the creation of previously defined gauge types. The created templates can then be used as copy templates for new gauges. Unique or special gauges can also be created without a template.

A newly created measuring equipment element is first assigned the status new measuring equipment. A new measuring equipment must be activated to be put into operation (active measuring equipment). Active measuring equipment must be regularly maintained and calibrated, may have errors or may be deactivated.

When reporting a measuring equipment error, the measuring equipment is transferred from the active status to the non-conforming measuring equipment  status. This step is available to any employee. From here, a measuring equipment must be either maintained, calibrated, or disabled. This step is only available to users with the role of "Person responsible for measuring equipment" or "Responsible employee".

Measuring equipment in maintenance and measuring equipment in calibration can only be edited by the employees with the roles "Measuring equipment owner" or "Responsible employee". This procedure prevents unintentional activation of non-compliant or blocked gauges. The measuring equipment in maintenance status is always followed by the measuring equipment in calibration status.

Locked measuring equipment must pass through the measuring equipment in maintenance and/or measuring equipment in calibration statuses before being reactivated.

Measuring equipment-element

A single measuring equipment element is divided into four blocks in the app:

  • Measuring equipment acquisition
  • Measuring equipment test plan
  • Order management
  • Inspection records and instructions

The measuring equipment record serves for the clear identification of the considered measuring equipment. In addition to the name, the manufacturer of the measuring equipment, the serial number, the date of acquisition and the place of work are documented for identification.

The measuring equipment inspection plan is used to track the necessary gauge inspections. In addition to the inspection interval, the date of the last inspection, the date of the next inspection, and the employee responsible for inspecting the gage are recorded. The date of the next inspection should be dated into the future according to the duration of the inspection interval. As soon as the date is exceeded, the measuring equipment must be tested again. Then the test date is documented as the date of the last test and a new date is selected for the next test. 

In the order management, a future maintenance order, calibration order or other order is assigned to the person responsible for the measuring equipment. This allows the person responsible to view the upcoming measuring equipment tests in the "my page" area in 

Relevant additional files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, ...) for the test of the measuring equipment are stored in the block Test reports and instructions.

Rights management

The use of the app is basically possible for all users. All users have the right to create a new measuring equipment and to report measuring equipment errors. The employee responsible for a measuring equipment (to be specified in the measuring equipment element) also has the option of blocking the measuring equipment for use and initiating maintenance or calibration. Users with the overall role "person responsible for measuring equipment" have the same authorization for all existing measuring equipment.

Necessary configuration of the app

The measuring equipment app is ready for use as soon as the users or groups responsible for the measuring equipment are stored in the corresponding role in the app configuration.

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