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The app generator distinguishes between configurations and applications. A configuration is the blueprint that becomes an application when it is activated.

A configuration can be created, edited and tested. It is generated from a self-created configuration or from a configuration supplied by Modell Aachen in the catalog. In this way, empirical values from customer projects are passed on to all customers.

After activation, the application remains linked to the configuration. If the settings of a configuration are changed, this is, after activation, transferred to the associated application.

List of applications

Key users can access the app management via the tool menu.

The table in the Active applications tab shows how many applications are being used from the booked quota. Without a booked quota, the app generator can be tried out and any configurations can be created and tested free of charge, but not used operationally.

The table lists active and archived applications and provides the following information:

  • Title: Name of the application
  • State: Distinguishes between Active and Archived
    • An active application can be used by the configured group of employees. 
    • An archived application is kept for documentary purposes. When archiving, the system asks which users may still see the archived application in the future.
  • Actions: Application management.
    • Archive: Archives the application. A quota is released.
    • Set activate: Activates the application when the quota is sufficient.
    • Delete:  Only archived applications can be deleted.
  • Configuration state: Shows whether the configuration contains changes that have not been released for the application.

List of configurations

In the Configurations tab, all saved configurations are displayed with the following information:

  • Configuration name: The name forwards directly to the configuration of the application.
  • Last changed: Date of the last configuration change 
  • Actions: Provides selection between testing and deleting. 
    • Testing creates a temporary application in a new browser window to quickly and easily get an impression of the configuration status.
    • Deleting allows only configurations that have no associated application to be deleted. 
  • Used in application: Shows for which apps the configuration is used.
  • Area of Application: Only relevant for multisite. Restricts visibility to an organizational unit.

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