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The tabs on the overview page of the application provide a filtered view of created elements. Further, filtering options in the tabs specified by the configuration are available to the user in the application. By default, an All elements tab is created, which can be configured or deleted. At least one tab must be configured for the application to be released.

  • The individual tabs are displayed as blocks, the order of which can be adjusted using drag & drop.
  • The order - from top to bottom - corresponds to the representation in the overview page - from left to right. 
  • To delete a block, it is expanded and removed with Remove tab.
  • With Add new tab a new block is added to the list and opened for configuration.

A tab has four setting options:

  • Tab title: Name of the tab in the overview.
  • Show this tab to these roles: Show tabs only for defined roles. 
    • If this field is empty, the tab is displayed to all users.
    • This setting has no effect on the rights management of the content.
    • Example: The tab All elements for leave requests is only relevant for the HR department.
  • Restrict content to the following states: Displays only elements in the tab that are in one of the configured statuses.
    • If this field is empty, the items are displayed in all statuses.
    • Examples: Tabs such as "Open requests", "Complaints in progress", or "Accepted projects".
  • Restrict content to user assignment: Personal assignment of elements to the current user.
    • The meta users creator, last editor, last editor per status as well as contents from the fields of the type user selection configured under data and views can be configured.

Example for the scenario vacation requests: 

  • Two tabs are to be made available on the overview:
    • My requests for a clear presentation of your own leave requests.
      • For Restrict content to user assignment, Creator is selected.
    • My approvals to display the approvals to be made by the manager.
      • For Restrict content to the following states, In review by manager is selected.
      • For Restrict Content to User Assignment, Executive is selected from a User Selection type field.
    • This allows the manager to view all entries relevant to his or her own person in this tab.

Tabs that allow personal assignment to a user are included on the user's personal page in Basic > Other Settings if Integrate in personal page is enabled.

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