App Generator: Rights management

Modified on Thu, 14 Sep, 2023 at 2:55 PM

The following rights can be set up in the Basics tab:

  • The visibility of the area can be restricted to roles. This restriction makes the selection of the application in the left navigation bar and all content visible and accessible only to the defined group of users. The roles are configured on an application-specific basis in the Rolestab.
    • IMPORTANT: It may lead to unintended results if a user outside the defined group of users is assigned, for example, a task within the application. The user will see this task on his personal page, but he will not be able to switch to the associated application content.
  • The administration rights for the configuration can be extended, e.g. by granting access to the configuration mask to users from the respective specialist department.
    • The key users have in principle the right to work on the configuration. If the configuration is not yet released, the right is set with the next buffering. If the application is already activated, the configuration must be released so that the new administrators have access to the configuration mask.
  • With the access restriction, the editor of the element is offered to declare this element as access restricted. This makes this one element accessible only to the previously defined group of users. If the option is activated, Configure access restriction appears, which opens the detail configuration
  • In the topmost field, users or groups are configured that should have access to the element.
    • In addition to the meta users creator and last editor, defined roles from the Roles tab or contents from fields of the User selection type are available for selection. Pre-selected is the creator, who, if removed, will be notified with an error message after the access restriction is activated and the element is saved in the workflow that he does not have the necessary permission to see the content just edited.
  • The name of the button is defined in the Access restriction name field, e.g. "Handle anonymously" or "Request with sensitive data". 
  • It is recommended to maintain a tooltip to make the effects of the access restriction clear to the user. Here, notes such as "With the activation of the access restriction, only the project manager, the project team and the management will have access to the project." can be placed.
  • The entire function can be activated by default. The access restriction is thereby initially activated for each newly created element in the application.
    • Tip: Use this option only with caution and for very sensitive application content.

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