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Modified on Fri, 11 Aug 2023 at 09:57 AM

In the generated applications, itmes are deleted via the workflow. All standard applications have a special Deleted status. This can have a different name depending on the context, but always has the same meaning: 

  • Items in this state are no longer visible to normal users in, i.e. they can no longer be found via search, overview pages or other dialogs. 
  • Application owners get a tab in the application overview.

Mapping the deletion process via workflow has several advantages:

  • Deleted items can be managed within the application (see explanations below).
  • It can be individually configured, from which status contents can be deleted
  • Who is allowed to perform the transition 
  • Who is notified when the transition occurs. 

Restoring items also works via the workflow and brings these advantages.

As soon as there are deleted items, the application owners are shown another tab Deleted items on the overview page of the application. In this tab, all items are displayed in a table with their status before deletion, which are currently in the special Deleted status. These items can only be accessed via this table.

The table also offers the possibility to view deleted items in detail or to delete them permanently. Permanently deleted items cannot be restored.

Restoring items from the Deleted status is also done via the workflow. For this purpose, at least one transition that leads out of the Deleted status must be maintained in the configuration of the workflow. The person responsible for the application can use the Deleted items tab and call up the detailed view of the deleted element to transfer it to another status at the end of the page and thus restore it.

IMPORTANT: The Deleted status does not replace an Archive status, as the deleted items can only be accessed by application owners. Users without application responsibility cannot be provided with a tab on the overview page that displays these items. An archive that can be viewed by other users must therefore be mapped via another status.

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