If the use of templates has been activated in the configuration of the app (Configure app > Overview > Other settings > Use templates), another tab with the created templates is displayed on the overview page of the app. The name of the template tab can also be configured (Configure app > Overview > Other settings > Name of the template tab).

A new template is created via the Create new template button.

A template looks identical to a subsequent content page. Mandatory fields and rights restrictions are ignored to allow a reasonable design of the template. Only the input field Name of the template is omitted for later content of the application and is only used to select the template in the template tab.

If a template is selected from the template tab, it can be 

  • used for a new element.
  • edited.
  • deleted.

Another option for using a template is the Create new element button (possibly named differently in the application; here Create new protocol). If the template function is activated, the button can be used to create a new element with or without using a template.

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