The described actions refer to the attachments, to be found at the bottom of a page.

Update attachment (Upload new version)

  1. Left-click the attachment you want to update
  2. Select Upload new version in the context menu
  3. Click on Browse
  4. Select the desired file in the file explorer
  5. Confirm with Open
  6. If necessary, comment the file to be updated in the Comment field
  7. Click on Upload
    • File will be sent to the server and a new revision of the attachment will be created.


  • Use the same file type: e.g. *.png cannot be updated with *.doc.
  • Older revisions can be found under Manage versions in the context menu.
  • Links to this attachment always point to the latest revision.

Move / rename attachment

  1. Select attachment to be moved or renamed with left click
  2. Select Move/Rename in the context menu
  3. Select the web to which you want to move the attachment
  4. Select the topic (page) to which the attachment should be attached
  5. Change the Attachment name, if desired
  6. Click Move/Rename

Delete attachment

  1. Left-click on the attachment to be deleted
  2. Click Delete
  3. Click Yes, delete to confirm action

Note: Link(s) to the attachment must be deleted manually from

  • Links to deleted attachments are shown in red
  • Use wiki integrity or search function to locate the pages
    • Example: search for old file path, e.g. "OfferCreate/Template".

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